Who is TrailCam Solar

We are husbands, fathers, brothers and sportsmen. We care deeply about our passions and fight to get the most out of everything we are involved in. We have started this company in hopes of improving the experience many hunters have had, specifically related to battery life experienced with cellular trail cameras. We exhausted ourselves looking for options to ease the pain of constantly purchasing batteries to run our cameras and instead decided to create our own solution. We hope you will find our innovations as useful and beneficial as they have been for us in the field. Cellular cameras are great, but constantly having to visit feed stations, scrapes, etc. nearly makes the investment not worth it. We believe, our SolarStash Boxes are the solution to those whoas.




 Jason Deer "Blade"

With four children under 8 years of age, spare time is a rarity. That lack of availability means that efficient and effective use of that time is a must. Jason has a tremendous love for the outdoors, in particular deer and alligator hunting, so failure for a product to perform isn't an option. Jason is a CPA by trade and has served in a CFO capacity for a multi-million dollar company for the past five years.