Recharge, Restore, Revive

Trail cameras have evolved, it is time their power sources do to.

Power Problems? We have the solution.

Is the high cost of constantly replacing batteries in your cellular trail camera making it unfeasible? We were in that same boat not long ago! We have started this company in hopes of improving the experience many hunters have had, just like us. We exhausted ourselves looking for options to ease the pain of constantly purchasing batteries to run our cameras and instead decided to create our own solution. We hope you will find our innovations as useful and beneficial as they have been for us in the field. Cellular cameras are great, but constantly having to visit cameras to restock batteries makes the investment much less valuable. We believe, our SolarBoxes are the solution to those whoas.

The SolarStash ROI

The greatest advantage to using our SolarStashBox is the fact that this unit will literally pay for itself within the first few months of use. Given the nature of hunting in rural areas our cameras experience poor cellular signal which led to running quickly through conventional batteries. Depending on the camera you run, it is entirely possible that a camera with a good amount of activity will deplete batteries (lithiums included) in 1-3 weeks.

We have provided a full write-up on the cost savings in our blog post which can be found here. The summary of which will show you that the SolarStash will completely pay for itself within the first 19-29 weeks, without taking into account the benefits exceeding beyond that initial period. Within the first year, the SolarStash will cut your energy supply costs by more than half (on average for 2-3 week battery life with traditional batteries).